• Pearl Bailey Library (map)
  • 2510 Wickham Ave.
  • Newport News, VA

A series of free workshops, led by the Newport News Public Library and with the help of Starbucks, VPOST, Hampton University, Christopher Newport University, and Thomas Nelson Community College designed to help high school students interested in higher education as well as their families. The courses will teach students and their families how to select schools that are a good fit, navigate financial aid and scholarships, and how to write a great personal essay.

Open to all high-school students, especially juniors and seniors, and family members. Please register ahead of time, but on-site registration will be allowed as long as space is available.

Each course in the series takes place at 6:00pm on the first Thursday of the month.

*******REGISTRATION: http://nnpls.libguides.com/home/events or call 757-247-8677 ******

Session 1. The World is Yours! Picking the Right School For You   (Sept. 6th)

Special Guests: Alyson LeMaster, Thomas Nelson Community College

Are you overwhelmed by all the options? Have you zeroed in on a school for the right reasons? In this workshop, participants will learn to use their needs, strengths, weaknesses and other characteristics to help them select schools that are the best match for their academic, financial, and social needs. We’ll discuss the different questions to ask, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of schools, and share some great resources to consult in your search for information.

Session 2: Getting Your Value: Paying for College   (Oct. 4th)

Special Guests: Unique Williams, Starbucks

Are you wondering how you’re going to pay for college? Does it seem impossible to accomplish? Well it’s not! With just as many options to pay for college as there are schools, this session explores all of the different ways to potentially pay for college, including scholarships, grants, and loans, offered at the federal, state, and local levels. We’ll also discuss the Free Application for Financial and Scholarship Aid (FAFSA), including what you’ll need to file one, and we’ll discuss how to read Financial Aid Award letters. We’ll demonstrate that the “sticker price” is not necessarily your actual price, and discuss the many miscellaneous expenses that you may have not thought of that can impact financial plans. Finally, we’ll also talk about potential jobs while in college, and how to balance learning and working.

Session 3: Presenting You, From the Inside Out: Writing the Personal Statement   (Nov. 1st)

Special Guest: Lauren DeLaCruz, Professor of Writing, Hampton University

So you’re convinced this is the right school for you, but how are you going to convince them that you and this college are a perfect fit? It’s all in your personal statement. In this workshop, we’ll help you make writing the personal statement required by some colleges and scholarships less stressful. We’ll discuss the questions you should ask yourself prior to writing the essay, along with tips and things to remember while writing. Students will have the time to brainstorm ideas for a personal statement and will learn what makes a great personal statement stand out from the crowd. We’ll also discuss your social media profile and what you need to be aware of.

Session 4: Getting Down to Business: Life Habits, Study Habits and Research Strategies Needed in College   (Dec. 6th)

Special Guests: Bethany Young and Matt Shelley, Christopher Newport University, Trible Library

Are you trying to figure out how to have it all in college? How can you have a great social life, enough spending money, be involved in campus activities AND succeed in your studies?! In this session, we’ll focus on how you can efficiently and successfully do all of these things. Key to this are great study habits, research skills, balance, and time management. Finish your high school career strong, and make a successful transition to college life. Learn the skills to help you plan your studying, keep up with your coursework without burning out, and convert the concepts you learn in class into knowledge you retain.  We’ll cover concepts like active reading, compare-contrast, and how to study effectively in a group. We’ll also cover how doing research is different at a university, and some of the tools and tips to help you stay ahead of the game.