Young Lady You Are is an event geared towards girls ages 12-17 in which they will explore the cultural and educational opportunities that their community has to offer. The goal of this program is to expose the young ladies of our community to creative and cultural avenues that will enhance their outlook on life, equip them to face opposition in a positive way, and become better women with bright, successful futures.

The event will feature an introductory activity followed by three, hour-long workshops focused on art, fashion, and dance. The day will culminate in a presentation including a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, and performances related back to the workshops.

YLYA seeks to cultivate and nourish a warm, vibrant, supportive, convivial, and creative atmosphere for these young women to liberate their creativity and imagination at DGCAC, one of Newport News’s own “Hidden Gems”. They will be experience a network of both local and national creative talent that exposes feasible avenues to express themselves in successful ways- ways which would have otherwise remained “hidden” to them.

The registration deadline is March 26th, 2018.

To register, please click here.