Who are we planning for and why?

We are planning for Ridley Place residents (the focus is the distressed public housing) and neighborhood residents. The City and NNRHA have a unique opportunity to improve living conditions at Ridley Place and in the surrounding neighborhood through this planning process. 

Are we demolishing ridley place and building new housing on site?

That is possible, but we have to go through the planning process and allow Ridley Place residents and the Housing Task Force to weigh in on the decision. This process only includes planning. If demolition and new construction is the preferred action at the end of the planning process, that would happen at a later date. 

How will this project affect residents in the NEIGHBORHOOD?

The project team is committed to a public process that enables all local residents and businesses to participate in developing a shared vision for the neighborhood. The Transformation Plan will provide a plan of action to improve the quality of life and safety of current residents. 

How long will the plaNning process take?

Initial community engagement will happen over the next 9 to 12 months. Developing the Transformation Plan based on the community-driven vision and priorities will happen thereafter.