ORganizational STructure

The CNI Planning process is designed to enable grantees to build the capacity, partnerships and local support needed to create a successful Transformation Plan. 

The Lead Applicants are the City and NNRHA. Wallace, Roberts & Todd- a planning firm - serves as our Planning Coordinator. Residents, community partners, and City departments help staff the committees and task force that will address the goals of the CNI program: Housing, People, and Neighborhood. 

Citizen DRiven 

The CNI process is citizen driven. Ridley Place and Marshall-Ridley Choice Neighborhood residents are key members on all committees and task forces. All final decisions will be made by the Steering Committee, which includes Ridley Place and Marshall-Ridley Choice Neighborhood residents. 


The City and NNRHA have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to working with the neighborhood to revitalize the area and provide the opportunities and choices the community has envisioned through previous planning efforts and capital investments. 

While resources are currently being invested in the targeted area through various sources, greater impact will be made when a more comprehensive approach is taken to address physical and social conditions. No one organization is equipped to take on the scale and scope of this work alone.

We will work with our Partners to align CNI activities and strategies with their ongoing commitments to the community. Strong, collaborative partnerships between the public and private sectors and non-profit organizations are critical to the success of the planning process.

Our partners will bring additional levels of capacity to the transformation process through their trusted relationships, deep understanding of the community, committed programming and financial contributions.